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1000 Ahadith Web app for iPhone and iPad

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Developer: Aaron Jones
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 13 Nov 2015
App size: 10.68 Mb

This book is a humble gift to our beloved Prophet, SAAWS, and from his eminence to our beloved Muslim brothers and sisters as a blessing ten times over from Allah, Mighty and Magestic, First and Last.

I left with you two matters; you will never go astray as long you hold onto them: the Book of Allah and His Prophets Sunnah, SAAWS

Reported by Maalik Ibn Anas

تركتُ فيكم أَمْرَيْنِ لن تَضِلُّوا ما تَمَسَّكْتُمْ بهما : كتابَ اللهِ وسُنَّةَ نبيِّهِ صلَّى اللهُ عليهِ وسلَّمَ
الراوي: مالك بن أنس المحدث:ابن عبدالبر - المصدر: التمهيد - الصفحة أو الرقم: 24/331

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